Professional Home Interior Designer in Columbus

At Blue Designs, we are here for you!

We can provide as simple as an hourly consultation, design a space or two, or remodel your entire home. We have an established, experienced, full team of subcontractors that are available for any and all aspects of your home’s projects. Rhonda Blue will walk through your home and share her ideas with you in a consultation. From there you decide, if you would like Blue Designs to provide some, or all of the project needs. Rhonda offers a keen eye to detail in every home, no matter your style. She feels it is always important to consider the resale of your home when designing, as well. Her residential projects, on average, sell at full price, within a few days of going on the market, due to her timeless interior design approach to her projects. Rhonda is able to marry the architecture of the home with the style of the client. Upon her first walk through, she can see your spaces finished. So give Rhonda a call to schedule your initial consultation today.